Fun Financial Facts

Thinking about money can be a stressful thing for a lot of people, so many of us don’t even think about money unless we absolutely have to. Many people are looking to try and deal with debt and they may try to avoid the topic. But, there are a lot of really interesting things out there about the whole thing – how can you be sure that you’re learning what you can? Here are some fun facts about finances!

Did you know?

·    40% of American Families spend more than they earn. Sadly, this explains a lot about our economy and why so many people have to deal with debt on a fairly regular basis.

·    The average American gets 6 credit card offers a month. Someone has to keep the post office going, and many times, it’s the credit card companies trying to keep up with things.

·    Only 1 in 8 Americans actually want to go a bank teller instead of going to an ATM. That’s why you are starting to see more and more people that are just going to ATM’s and doing all of their banking on the web.

·    There are over 1 billion credit cards being used in the U.S. today. Hence why 40% of American families spend more than they earn.

·    The average college student spends over $500 a year on coffee and coffee drinks. But, that number continues to go down as many students are trying to find ways that they can get their caffeine fix for a lower cost.

·    There is a $100,000 bill. Got change for that? The use of this was usually for the Treasury Department.

·    But the largest bill in circulation today is the $100. Even though a lot of places don’t have change for that, either.

·    The largest denomination ever was the Hungarian 100 million B-Pengo, worth approximately 20 CENTS in American dollars.

·    There are 26 million pieces of paper money made a day. And the two printing places that make them use over 9.7 TONS of ink in that same day. Wow. 95% of that money is to replace old money. 45% of that 95% is $1 bills.

·    The largest robbery in the US was $18.9 million. Needless to say, the guys involved got caught. It was at a Dunbar Armored car place, but there was still $10 million missing after all was said and done. Wonder where all that went?

·    The largest robbery overall? $1 billion from the Central Bank of Iraq. Right before the U.S. bombed the capital, this occurred. Some was recovered, but the rest is still gone.

·    While we’re talking about robberies, 50% happen on Fridays. Probably because the robber’s paycheck wasn’t high enough, so they feel like they have to rob banks to make up the difference.

·    In 1886, the NYSE had its first million share day. Now, it hasn’t gone under 1 million since the 1960’s. In 1997, the first billion share day occurred. Henry Ford was the first billionaire, and some of that came from a booming stock market.