The Truth About Weight Loss

If you wonder why you are not able to lose weight, you are not alone. There are millions of people struggling to lose weight. The primary reason we are overweight is not due to a lack of willpower but it is linked to the amount of processed food we are consuming on a daily basis.  When you go to a grocery store have you ever noticed the “health food” aisle? If that aisle is “health food” then what is the rest? This is not sarcasm but an observation that the primary reason that people are becoming overweight is due to the processed foods they are eating. If a person started eating fruits, vegetables and drinks like coconut juice instead of soda, they would start to lose weight without doing anything else.  This weight loss at first may seem gradual but it is real and due to your body getting the nutrition it needs.

Why We Eat Food

We eat food to sustain our health and overall well-being, it should taste good but the primary purpose of food is to ensure our health. When we eat processed food that was designed in a laboratory, it may taste good but it will not meet the needs of your body.

Individuals who eat all-natural food will begin to notice changes in their overall health within a matter of days. The first thing you will notice is you can think clearly and have more energy to do things that you couldn’t do in the past. This new found energy is your body rewarding you for providing it with the nutrients it needs to function. With this energy you will be able to start doing more activities which can help increase your metabolic rate so you are constantly burning calories, even when you are sitting still. 

Energy Levels Increase

You are able to lose weight and increase energy levels by simply drinking fresh coconut juice and healthy food. While it may seem too simple to work, it does work due to the way the human body is designed. The body is designed to heal itself but to do that you have to give it the raw materials it needs, namely healthy food and juices over a consistent period of time. If your body detects that there is an abundant supply of food it will allow the metabolism to speed up and let fat burn off. When your body is not properly nourished, it will go into a survival state where it holds on to every calorie which makes losing weight almost impossible.

The Long Game

Effective and meaningful weight loss is not attained in a matter of days. In order to fully reach your weight loss goals, you need to be in it for the long game. There will be days where you struggle with eating healthy or getting enough exercise but if you stick with it, you will be able to lose weight and led a healthy, productive life in the process.